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UK students recharge batteries, wallets on Road to the Final Four

Tyler Blount Tyler Blount
Katelyn Mulhill Katelyn Mulhill
Lt. Keith Smith Lt. Keith Smith
Sherelle Roberts Sherelle Roberts

LEXINGTON, KY (WAVE) - By noon, UK's Joe Craft Center would have no lines at its windows for tickets to see the Wildcats play in their sixteenth NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four.

But you'd hear more than a plea from Tyler Blount, Louisville Male High Class of 2010, soon to continue his father's legacy in the College of Dentistry.

"Would you, be willing to help me," he drilled Dad. "They're $300 apiece. It is a lot of money, but it's the Final Four. It's my Senior Year.."

Monday's journey was an exercise in long odds. Craft Center staffers  merely were taking reservations to compile a list of those eligible to buy tickets; no guarantees. That may be why campus resembled more of a typical Spring  Monday than the morning after the Cats became, as the student newspaper the Kernel "Unlikely Victors" in dispatching the #2 seeded Michigan in the Midwest Regional final.

Then again, maybe students simply are sleepy, if not hung over.

"Our minds are in the gutter," junior pre-med Katelyn Mulhall (Atherton Class of 2011) told WAVE 3 News. "I didn't open a book until last night at one o'clock in the morning, so probably nothing will get done much this week,"

Few would blame them, considering the past weekend. Sunday's win brought an estimates 13,000 students into the streets. Some 27 fires were set, comparable to the number reported after Friday's win over Louisville in the regional semi-final.

"A few may have gotten a little bigger,"  LT Keith Smith said. "But nuisance fires is mainly what we dealt with."

Lexington's Division of Police made five arrests; barely a blip, considering the numbers following the Cats' eighth National Championship in 2012. 

"We've learned a lot since then," public information officer Sherelle Roberts told reporters Monday. "We want to remind them (potential troublemakers) that they're not getting away with this. "Not only do we have people watching and observing and taking photographs, but some of the suspects are actually taking photographs of themselves and  posting them to social media. So we are looking."

For now, many students and fans are confining their quests to the search is for the perfect commemorative T-shirts. More than one dozen designs are available at Kennedy Book Store on campus.

Mulhall had selected one available in Exra-Extra-Large for her father back in Louisville. "We still have our T-shirts from 1998 football days," she said. "I guess you could call ‘em collectors ‘items too."

Mulhall's  "true blue" right down to the braces on her teeth, which she's sported since taking classes at the University of Louisville last summer. "No red-and-black (UL Cardinals' colors) for me," she told her orthodontist.

Dentist-to-be Tyler Blount just may have gotten Tyler to bite on a pair of tickets.

"He's my buddy, might even pay for my girlfriend," Blount said.

What about taking Dad himself, Tyler?

"He could go himself, " Blount said."I wasn't even thinking that."

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