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Williamson Co. students design shelter for abused horses


A pair of Williamson County high school students have come up with a new idea for housing unwanted and abused animals who are too big for a shelter.

"We're working on a design for an equine shelter, kind of a temporary home for the animals they bring in," said Franklin High School senior Eric Dunay.

For years, the Williamson County Animal Control and Adoption Center had nowhere to keep abused horses.

"We've been seizing a high amount of livestock, including equine," said Laura Chavarria, with Williamson County Animal Control. "Right now, we kind of rely on the kindness of animal activists or volunteers who agree to house them until the court date."

Dunay and Jacob Hunter are aspiring architects, and when they learned about the issue, they wanted to help.

"It's a great challenge, and I'm so excited to be doing it," Hunter said.

The students usually design concepts for buildings as a part of the Ace Mentorship program through Turner Construction Group. Now, they'll be able to say they've designed a building before even starting college, because the animal shelter hired them.

The students' building will be similar to one the shelter currently uses to house dogs and cats in emergency situations, but it will be larger and will be enclosed on three sides.

The project was a community effort. The animal shelter received nearly $9,000 in donations, and the solid waste department donated land near Pinewood Road and State Rout 840 so the students could see their project through.

"It's something we'll be using years down the road and maybe build on, so it's something they can say, 'I invested in the community. I helped the animals,'" Chavarria said.

The students who helped design the equine shelter will be honored Tuesday by county leaders for their work, and the building should be finished by mid-May.

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