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Berea mayor facing possible harassment charge for blocking in car


19 Action News has obtained police dash cam video showing the mayor of Berea arguing with a 19-year-old driver after a road rage incident.

It happened last Thursday. The mayor called police saying he tried to go around the other car, the other guy flipped him off, and then he took off.

Cyril Kleem then followed the other driver, Joseph Nichols, and blocked him in a parking lot on the campus of Baldwin-Wallace University. Kleem and Nichols blamed each other for being out of control.

"The way you followed me, I've seen it on the news, I've seen people just say they're an officer," said Nichols.

When Kleem tried to explain he's the mayor, Nichols went on, "I don't care if you are the mayor. You're not allowed to just do that."

The mayor responded, "I don't know if you're drunk, or if you're going to hurt someone."

Kleem has a habit of popping up in headlines in odd ways. He once got investigated for using a city vehicle and breaking into a woman's home as a stalker though he was not charged. He's also been the target of racy claims in a lawsuit and more.

Police did not ticket Nichols. He wants to press some kind of harassment charges on the mayor.

The day after that incident, the mayor took a leave of absence for "personal matters".

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