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Peter Pattakos' Editorial

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Hi, I'm Peter Pattakos of the Coalition Against the Sin Tax, concerned citizens who oppose the passage of Issue 7.

Cleveland needs a better deal with its sports team owners. Taxpayers have already invested over a billion dollars on their sports facilities and it's time for the owners to pay their fair share.

The public still owes hundreds of millions of dollars from the original construction. We can't afford to throw more money into this bottomless pit with our schools, roads, and other city services suffering as badly as they are - especially not when the owners rake in a fortune on these teams and can afford to maintain the facilities themselves.

Whatever the public's obligations are to the owners, there are better ways than a sin tax. These include a surcharge per ticket or a broader multi-county tax that would account for the fact that more than half of the fans come from towns outside of Cuyahoga County.

Saying no to Issue 7 on May 6 will not cause any of the teams to leave town. It will only lead to the negotiation of a better deal that's fair to taxpayers in the current economic climate.

Thank you.

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