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RNC Convention: Cleveland vs. Cincinnati

Downtown Cincinnati Downtown Cincinnati
Downtown Cleveland Downtown Cleveland

Governor John Kasich is in an interesting position.

He's the only governor to have two cities make the final six for the Republican National Convention.

"I'm thrilled to see Cleveland is in it, and Cincinnati is in it. Columbus didn't make it but we've got two cities in it and we'll just see what happens," said Gov. John Kasich.

See what happens? That sounds like a challenge.

It may come down to Cincinnati VS. Cleveland. The Queen City VS. well we used to be the King's City. But lets get to the meat of the head to head.

In Cincinnati the event would be held at US Bank Arena. It holds people 19,000, but it's 40 years old.

In Cleveland, the main event at The "Q", 20 years-old with just over 20,000 capacity. Advantage - Cleveland.

Downtown Cleveland is booming with new hotels -- including the new Convention Center Hilton that will be done by 2016. All total there will be 5,000 hotels rooms just in downtown and 17,000 rooms within 45 minutes.

Cincinnati boosts they're a walkable city, with 7,100 hotel rooms within walking distance to the convention. And 27,000 rooms within 30 minutes.

Advantage -- Cincinnati.

The next thing each city needs is overflow and media work space. Cleveland has this hands down with the brand new very impressive Convention Center.

Cleveland has been called the foodie capital of the Midwest. We've got Michael Simon!

They've got Skyline Chili and I think we can all agree politicians are full of enough hot air, we don't need to be giving them Chili.

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