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East Cleveland: Man shot in the face, girlfriend tries to drive him to hospital

28-year-old Diveen Martin's girlfriend tried to take him to a hospital. 28-year-old Diveen Martin's girlfriend tried to take him to a hospital.

A 28-year-old man dies this evening according to East Cleveland Fire and Cleveland Police after being shot in the face.

The incident happened right around 5:30 p.m. on 938 E. 129th Street Thursday, April 3.

The victim was with his girlfriend and she tried to drive him to a hospital. She went to the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center, believing that was a hospital. 

Lieutenant Robert Benjamin with East Cleveland Fire said that's when they intercepted the 911 call. 

"A young female called and said, 'My boyfriend has gotten shot,'" says Benjamin.

Three firemen responded and upon arrival administered CPR and checked his vitals. The victim was alive, but soon his pulse dropped and his speech became inaudible.

"We were trying to calm him down so we could do what we do," Benjamin tells 19 Action News.

"He deteriorated and went for the worse. His pulse started to go down. We didn't have time to mess around after that. It was load up and go," says Benjamin. 

An East Cleveland police car took him to University Hospitals main campus on Euclid where he was pronounced dead.

Homicide Units responded to scene and detectives are currently on the scene investigating the incident. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiners Office will determine final cause of death.

The victim has not been identified. 

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Cleveland Police Homicide Unit at 216-623-5464.

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