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RTA & Opening Day: What is the RTA doing to keep riders safe?

19 Action News has new, exclusive video of one attack in a series of attacks on RTA riders. We set out to find out what is being done to keep you safe on the trains and buses. 

The latest video involves another robbery on a rapid train, there are several young men running off the train. 

Investigators believe the three men robbed a man, and in the video he chases after them. The thieves stole his winnings from the casino.

It happened last week in broad daylight at the West 25th Street Station. RTA Police later arrested the three suspects. But this kind of thing is happening again and again.

Today Erich Riggs was hit with charges, Police accusing him of threatening a bus driver and passengers with a knife.

There have been other RTA riders recently robbed  and even beaten. Riders are looking over their shoulders.

"I think they need more police on the rapid, the train, and the busses patrolling all around," one woman told 19 Action News.

Police have arrested some of the thugs. But what's being done to prevent this stuff? We've asked multiple times to talk to RTA police. A spokesperson told us RTA Police have said no.

Be aware, a couple of these attacks even happened with crowds on St. Patrick's Day. And again, the latest video shows the punks also strike in broad daylight. You can never let your guard down.

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