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Senior residents at Indian Hills deal with trash pile up

Trash piles up outside of Indian Hills Senior Community. Trash piles up outside of Indian Hills Senior Community.


Fannie Johnson, 82, is hooked up to two oxygen machines, but somehow she still manages to maneuver herself to her patio window. Lately, the view hasn't been so good.  

"You catch me going to the door, looking out, looking out, looking out, and seeing if they were going to do anything, and it makes me aggravated," says Johnson. 

Johnson says the garbage has been piled up like this for close to a month now, despite complaints to Indian Hills Senior Community Management. 

"It's not good. When I crack the door I can smell what's out there," Johnson says. 

To make it worse, Johnson's son noticed something else.

"I saw a couple of rats. Birds flying over it. It's like, come on in. Come join the party!" says Tommy Johnson. 

Management says some wheels were broken on the dumpsters. 

"I've been contacting them for about three weeks, and almost daily, saying, 'when are you getting here? When are you getting here?'  trying to be patient, 'we have a contract with you, and you obviously aren't keeping up your end of the deal,' and they've been trying to get out here, I guess.  And, It just took longer than usual," says Indian Hills Facility Manager, Jim Magasano. 

Interestingly enough, not long after our cameras start rolling on the mess, Waste Management crews arrived to fix what was damaged and finally appeared to be taking away the filth.

Johnson's son is now thinking of moving his mom out of here after she's called this place home for 25 years. 

"It's unbelievable. It's amazing. It's amazing the living conditions., they shouldn't have to live like this, " says Tommy. 


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