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Olander Park officials will shake goose eggs to control the population


It's getting close to park season, when we can enjoy what our local parks have to offer.  But a high geese population is forcing Olander Park in Sylvania Township to take a stand.

You'll see them and hear them just about everywhere inside Olander Park, including what they leave behind.

"People don't like to have picnics on the grass or sit on the grass because of excessive goose droppings," said Olander Park Executive Director Erika Buri.

This time of year, geese are nesting and highly protective.  They can get very aggressive.

"It's just the hissing, like head bopping actions that happen," said Buri.  "That can be pretty intimidating."

Buri says they won't bother the existing geese, but the Ohio Department of Natural Resources recently granted a permit-allowing them to remove any goose eggs and destroy the nests.

They can also shake the eggs, destroying the yolks inside, then put the eggs back, so the geese can still nest, but are less likely to lay more eggs.

Another reason they want to control the geese population is because droppings tend to roll downhill into the lake, and park workers don't want that to impact the quality of the water.

Once park staff is brought up to speed on what they're allowed to do, they'll start looking for the nests.  This will likely begin next week.

"I appreciate the value of wildlife but I also know there has to be a balance with people and nature," said Buri.

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