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State investigating Berea City Hall


So what is going on at city hall in Berea?

The mayor is on personal leave after a road rage incident and now the state is investigating if police officers are illegally checking up on city officials.

Inside the police department is a Leads terminal that will give you a background check on anybody.

The allegation is someone misused it to check up on politicians in Berea.

The Ohio Highway Patrol will soon be at city hall in Berea to investigate that claim by the police chief.

Berea Mayor Cyril Kleem who's on personal leave till later this month spoke to our Scott Taylor on the phone.

Berea Mayor Cyril Kleem says,"It's not our investigation. We don't force them to do this. It's something they thought was serious enough to take on."

These are bizarre times at city hall.

Last month our Ed Gallek reported Mayor Kleem was caught up in a road rage incident after he claimed a 19-year-old flipped him off.

The mayor tracked the driver down and blocked his car in a parking lot. Nobody was ticketed.

The mayor was also previously investigated for stalking a woman but was never charged.

Scott Taylor asks the mayor, "Is there an allegation that someone on the Police Department was looking into the background of any city officials, yourself or any of your administration?"

Mayor Kleem says, "To our knowledge, and I am limited to what I can say due to the on going investigation, but to my knowledge there may have been some police officers looking into background of city officials."

The key here is when you use a Leads computer you have to log in, that along with surveillance cameras could help wrap up this investigation quickly.

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