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Cuyahoga County auto insurance rates on the rise


The average auto insurance premium in Ohio is $685 yearly. A new study looked at 34 cities, and of the five most expensive, three are in the Cleveland area.

Scott Andrew Mills is a Farmer's Insurance Agent with Maverick Insurance Group

He lives on Wilson Mills Road in the growing Cuyahoga County city of Highland Heights. 20 years ago it was easy to get out of his home and office driveway, but now, it's much busier. 

"There's 20,000 cars that go past my office everyday," Mills says. "Have you seen your rates go up?" asked 19 Action News, "Absolutely. And I'm the agent."

Mills says the number one reason for higher auto insurance rates is population density.

"Absolutely. Your more urban areas are more expensive. What are you going to hit in Burton Ohio?" says Mills. 

Not a single Cuyahoga County city makes the top five or even 10 least expensive auto insurance rates in a study by Value Penguin.

Of the top 22 most affordable, there are only two cities in Cuyahoga County that make the list; Strongsville, averaging $607 a year and Parma at $667.

However in Mentor, which is in Lake County, makes number four in the most affordable auto insurance cities in Ohio.

"You go and drive out my back lot here and I'm in Lake County and my insurance rates drop 20 percent," said Mills. 

Out of the most expensive five, three Cuyahoga County cities top the list; Euclid, Lakewood, and Cleveland.

"Yeah we've seen some significant increases over the past year," says Mills. 

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