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Romona's Kids: Invictus High to hold first traditional prom

Prom dresses donated to Invictus. Prom dresses donated to Invictus.

Prom season is here, but what if you go to a non-traditional high school that's never had a dance? That's why the school is trying to reward students for a job well done with their first-ever prom, and you can help!

Cleveland's Invictus High School serves students who may have fallen behind in earning credits or have a tough time with standardized tests. Flexible hours allow students to juggle work or family.

"I'd like to go into architectural engineering, I'm still deciding on colleges," said Brittanica, an Invictus student.

Invictus not only helps students get their diploma, but also transition to college or the workforce.

"The teachers actually care and they're very patient with us, they believe in us and they're very consistent," Britannica said.

"The teachers are more like family, you can come to them, talk to them about your outside issues or problems, and they really help you just settle down and focus on your work," said Tiffany, an Invictus student.

But students have been longing for a traditional prom, so the school is making it happen by paying for the party at Masonic Auditorium and even arranging for a hair stylist for the girls.

"But we're asking for formalwear donations, dresses, tuxedos, or monetary donations so we can get the guys in tuxedos," said Valencia Lescook, School Board President.

The school wants all students to be able to participate in the prom, but most cannot afford formal wear. They will need about 150 dresses, and have about 20 donations so far.

"These kids had the right mind to finish their educations to make something of themselves, so the least we can do is to donate to a cause that will make them feel even more important in the community," Lescook said.

Students are very excited about the prom.

"I'd like to say thank you for everything, it takes a lot of love and a lot of care and ambition and hard work to make things happen and I'd like to thank you very much," said Brittanica.

The school would like all the formal wear by May 5, so that the students can have fittings before the prom, scheduled for June 5.

If you would like to donate call the school at 216-539-7200 and ask for Valencia Lescook.

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