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Consumer Alert: Tire thieves on the prowl

Car thieves targeting tires on Honda's. Car thieves targeting tires on Honda's.

19 Action News has a warning for northeast Ohio drivers.

A ring of thieves is targeting tires and they have a very specific model in mind.

They are looking for new Honda models. They steal your tires and rims and leave your car up in the air on milk crates.

And the thieves don't care who they rip off.

This week they hit the driveway of Brooklyn City Council President Katherine Gallagher. The car belongs to her mom, former city council member Colleen Gallagher.

Two weeks ago over on the west side of Cleveland -- the same crime.

A 19 Action News viewer parked her Honda Fit on the street outside her house. All four tires and rims were stolen and milk crates left behind.

Honda's have light/high performance tires. Criminals really like them.

Tire and rim stealing is now a full time occupation as criminals have scored big in the past 12 months in New Jersey, Chicago, and in the twin cities. 30 thefts since November and in Dallas $150,000 worth of tires were taken at a dealership.

Closer to home: in Brooklyn, Cleveland, and Westlake, 23 cars were hit. Last month cars were hit in Columbus, Dublin, and Whitehall, Ohio too.

Tires and rims don't have any tracking devices on them so they are fairly easy to unload on the Internet.

Officials say using a locking lug nut is one way to make the criminals pass on ripping off you car.

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