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Free pass is over for the Cavs

Cleveland (WOIO) - Where is Dan Gilbert? The Cavaliers owner has been noticeably absent since his team wrapped up a fourth straight losing season, and trip to the draft lottery, and as of Tuesday, six days after the season finale, he'd yet to meet with the media and share his thoughts on what went wrong...again.

Maybe Gilbert has nothing to say, but inquiring minds sure want to know what he thinks of a 33-win season. He's the one who guaranteed a playoff appearance this year. And, one season into Mike Brown's return, does Gilbert still believe firing Brown four years ago was the mistake, or rehiring him was?

Instead, Gilbert sent his interim General Manager, David Griffin, to face reporters, and while Griffin is certainly a great sound bite ("you're either all in, or all out"..."we're in asset accumulation mode"), he really didn't, or couldn't, say much, especially about his and Brown's job security ("we're all under review").

That's Gilbert's job. Griffin says Gilbert is out "trying to make us better". Excellent. Maybe another off season of change helps 'em finally get it right. Because the Cavaliers are sounding far too much like the Browns these days.

We get it. 'It's a process'. 'The fans deserve better'. '.500 isn't good enough'. The thing is, the Browns are held to a much tougher standard at this point, at least when it comes to criticism, and fan reaction. The Cavaliers deserve the same.

LeBron left four years ago. The free pass is over. Somebody remind Dan Gilbert when you see him.

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