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Local bar patrons encouraged to get tested for tuberculosis

Elyria bar where TB patient frequented. Elyria bar where TB patient frequented.
Elyria bar where TB patient frequented. Elyria bar where TB patient frequented.

A resident of downtown Elyria has been diagnosed with active tuberculosis. The Mercy TB Clinic is investigating the case and has identified two locations where the individual frequented in which testing of fellow patrons and staff is recommended.

Tuberculosis, also called TB, is a rare but serious disease which usually affects the lungs. TB is spread through the air by close, prolonged contact when a person coughs, speaks, laughs, or sings. It is not transmitted via casual contact or contact with surfaces. Almost all cases of TB are curable with medication.

As part of Mercy's dedication to meeting the healthcare needs of the Lorain County community, the Mercy TB Clinic recommends that frequent customers of Boomers Bar, 305 Broad Street, or Pudge's Place, 311 Broad Street, in Elyria, Ohio, between December 1, 2013, and April 9, 2014 should be tested. To ensure frequent patrons could easily access the testing, the Mercy TB Clinic conducted onsite, free testing at both establishments on Tuesday, April 22.

If regular customers were not able to attend the testing session, an additional opportunity will be available at the Mercy TB Clinic on Friday, April 25. Located at 1800 Livingston Avenue, Building B, Suite 318, in Lorain, the Mercy TB Clinic will administer the test from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and tests will be read on Monday, April 28 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the TB Clinic. The tests are provided at no cost. Individuals with medical conditions that weaken the immune system are especially advised to be tested if they frequented either one of the establishments even one time between December and April.

The TB skin test is safe, painless and very effective in identifying individuals who may be at increased risk for TB illness.  It involves a two-part process. The first day a skin test is administered to the arm. Then two days later, a nurse examines the arm to see how the individual has responded to the skin test. Therefore, anyone being tested must be personally present on both days.

Please call the Mercy TB Clinic at 440.244.3017 for testing details.

The person recently diagnosed with active TB is currently under the care of clinical staff at Mercy TB Clinic and expected to make a full recovery. Mercy TB Clinic is working closely with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to manage this incident and prevent the spread of the disease. Maureen Murphy-Weiss, TB controller for the ODH, has expressed her confidence in Mercy and stated that the case is being properly handled from a clinical perspective.

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