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Clyde,OH families wait patiently for a visit from the EPA

Whirlpool park in Clyde, OH Whirlpool park in Clyde, OH

In 2012 Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor helped in convincing the EPA to start an investigation into the Cancer Cluster in Clyde, OH.

Today, it's still a mystery. 

Taylor spoke with new EPA Director Gina McCarthy on her plans to find a cause of the cluster.

"We think we have done what we can to contribute with the strength of what the EPA has but we are not going way," said EPA Director Gina McCarthy.

19 Action News is applauding McCarthy for not giving up. EPA has discovered three sites with toxic waste including Whirlpool's formerly owned outdoor water park.

All are being cleaned up.  

No link between any company and the cluster has been found.   

Families including 11-year-old Alexa Brown started asking then EPA Director Lisa Jackson in 2012 to come to Clyde. 

She said yes but never showed up.

Now families are asking McCarthy to come to Clyde -- who according to her twitter account tossed out the first pitch at the Boston Red Sox game on Tuesday and was in Cleveland hours later, which is just over an hour away from Clyde.

"Will you go to Clyde?" asked reporter Scott Taylor. 

"I will talk to them and see what they want.  Really it's going to be up to the parents," answered Director McCarthy.

"Director with all due respect. The parents want you in Clyde. They want to meet you. You scratch your head when you are here doing a press conference on asthma and you don't take the time to go to Clyde, Ohio as the parents have asked the past Administration to do as well," responded Scott Taylor. 

"Let's make it clear. EPA is in Clyde. We have all the people who know how to do this on the ground working.  There are boots on the ground and I am here to spread the word nationally," Director McCarthy said. 

Several families of the victims have filed a Federal lawsuit against Whirlpool.

You can sign and leave a comment on our National Clyde Cancer Cluster Petition here asking for the Federal Government to solve the mystery.

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