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Kevin Kelley's Editorial

I'm Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley.  

On behalf of the leadership in Cleveland and throughout Cuyahoga County, I want to extend a sincere thank you to the voters for your overwhelming support of Issue 7 - the Sin Tax extension.

You have ensured that Cleveland will remain a major league city and that our publicly-owned sports facilities will be well-maintained for many years to come. You voted for jobs. You voted to protect the general fund. And you voted to keep Cleveland strong.   

Greater Cleveland made a wise decision in the 90's to build these facilities. This decision proved to be a wise one, providing significant economic and community benefit.  I believe that the "yes" vote on Issue 7 to allow us to keep our major league facilities in prime condition will continue to benefit our community. The buildings and the teams continue to provide significant economic and community benefit.

I also believe that all of us in Cuyahoga County are better off because Issue 7 passed. Once again…thank you.

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