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Romona's Kids: The Upside of Downs


Every week on Romona's Kids, we tell you about local children and teens doing amazing things in the community. In this story, a local teen turned herself into a concert promoter, to benefit a cause she's passionate about.

Maisie Hanley is a sophomore in the "International Baccalaureate" program at Shaker Heights High School, which includes hands-on projects and community service, in addition to rigorous academics.

"So what I decided to do since I have a sister with Down Syndrome and I love music, I combined the two and put on a concert at the Rock Hall in awareness of Down Syndrome," Maisie told us.   

"I just hope to raise awareness of Down Syndrome because it's not one of those diseases that you can get and it's a bad thing, it's a good thing, you can still do things, it just makes those things harder," said Maisie. "Ella is adorable, even though she has trouble learning, she keeps learning, she's awesome at reading and everything, she's just adorable."

"She's an equal and we treat her that way and Maisie wanted other people to know that they can be treated that way, they can accomplish anything that they put their mind to, maybe it'll take them a little bit longer but they can do it," said Christine Hanley, Maisie and Ella's mother.

Everything from the Rock Hall space to the bands is donated, so 100 percent of the money goes to The Upside of Downs organization.

The bands are family friendly, and three of them are from local high schools. They include: The Ohio Weather Band, Megan Zurkey, Techn!color, Thr33s Company, and Tori Groves.

The concert is at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 20 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Click HERE to buy tickets. 

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