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Kim assisting Abby on her lesson

Unpredictable weather causes setbacks in the saddle

A rough draft of the floor plans A rough draft of the floor plans

A harsh winter combined recent rainy weather has caused many cancellations for riders at the Coastal Therapeutic Riding program. With a scorching summer just around the corner Kim Niggel, the owner of the riding program, told us she's afraid more cancellations are to come.

"Once we get to the heat index close to a 100 you really can't ride," said Kim.  "So that means many mornings we can only ride at 9 and 10 o'clock."

These cancellations are not only hurting the Coastal Therapeutic Riding programs' revenue, but causing major setbacks for their riders. 

"Say they are building some core strength and they miss a week or two," explains Kim.  "They become tighter and don't have the range of motion they might have had, so we have to catch them up to where they were."

After years of fighting Mother Nature Kim as decided to take her lessons indoors.

"So what we want to build is an indoor complex," said Kim.  "The complex will have an indoor riding area where we can control the temperature, and be protected from lightening thunder and those types of things."

Kim told us this indoor arena would not only be a safe place for riders, but provide the space needed for family support groups.

"A lot of these families are very stressed with all of things that are on.  So we would like to be a part of that network since a lot of our families are dealing with the same issues," said Kim.

This project is still in the early phases of development, but Kim is hopeful to start building within the next year and a half. 

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