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Major security changes for this year's Dominion Riverrock


Folks attending the Dominion Riverrock this weekend will notice some major changes to security. Sports Backers has limited the number of entrances, imposed bag checks and says, no hard liquor will be served.

"It's just the world we're living in now," said Scott Schricker, Sports Backers' marketing director. "We've just gotta be safe and I think people understand."

The changes come after last year's festival when 19-year-old William Lewis hurled a glass liquor bottle at lead singer Frederick Hibbert, or "Toots," of Toots and the Maytails. Lewis is currently serving a six month sentence and Toots has barely preformed since.

This year only beer and wine will be served.

"We actually had a vodka sponsor last year but after the incident we decided that wasn't something we were going to continue," said Schricker.

Plus, every bag must be checked and police presence has increased.

However, the most noticeable change is that there are only three points of entry to the festival and at each place, bags will be searched. 

Those entrances are on 2nd, 5th and 7th streets. 

Still, people we spoke to say they don't mind the changes.

"There's definitely been instances when people have been a little too wasted so I think no liquor is probably a good idea," said festival goer Alyson Pridgen.

"I think it's better to be safe than sorry," said festival goer Scott Tilley. "And don't worry about what you're bringing, you don't need to bring anything for this anyway, right?"

Despite the changes, Sports Backers tells NBC12 it doesn't believe they will impact how many people come out here to Riverrock this weekend.

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