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Administrator sounds off on tenure ruling

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - On Friday a Superior Court judge in Wake County ruled it was unconstitutional for the state of North Carolina to get rid of teacher tenure rights.

The judge issued a permanent injunction against the state saying "impairments to contracts was not reasonable to serve an important public service."

Dr. John Welmers, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources in the New Hanover County School District, said the judge's decision was good for the New Hanover County School System.

Welmers added nothing was official because the written judgment hadn't come out yet.

The Assistant Superintendent thinks this latest ruling from a judge will prevent the 25 percent program, a process that would reward the top 25 percent of teachers in the school district, from replacing teacher tenure for the time being. He explained that the education system in North Carolina was not ready for the rewards-based pay program.

"The process that was laid out wasn't doable," said Welmers. "It was just in a situation where actually I think it was going to do more harm to the teaching profession than good. In the long run, rewards for performance would be good, but this wasn't the way to get their at this time."

Welmers said the future of the tenure process itself still seems uncertain. He said it's possible some teachers will be grandfathered into tenure, but new teachers may not receive it.

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