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Health Alert: My Allergy test

My Allergy Test My Allergy Test
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Itchy eyes, pounding headache, runny nose but is a cold -- or allergies?

You can skip the expensive doctor's visit -- with a home allergy test. Reporter Dan Deroos puts it to the test.

A few months ago we showed you the 23andMe at home DNA test kit that predicted your potential for certain disease. The FDA has since pulled that from the market needing more research. But now there is an at home allergy test kit. It's currently the only FDA approved kit on the market so we are testing it out for you.

It's called My Allergy Test from the California company Immunetech. It costs about $50 and can be found at Walgreens and Walmart. Their motto -- to find the cause, discover relief.  

I decided to take the test myself. It's pretty simple concept, you send them some blood they test it, to see how allergic you are to the 10 most common allergens; things like grasses, mold, egg whites, milk, cats and house dust mites. 

The kit is all self-contained and fairly easy to do. They give you what they call a lancet to stick your finger to draw blood and the tiny test tube to put in four to five drops. 
Once finished you put the sample in the provided envelope and send it away. 
The results take about a week. 

To get them you sign in online using a pin number. 
I have no problem showing you my results as I find out I'm not allergic to a lot. On a scale of zero to six I'm at a three for a cat allergy which is just moderate to high. 

The sight also provides a 'my allergy plan'. 

The website reminds you this is not medical advice and to follow up with your doctor.  

 So we did sit down with a doctor, not just any doctor though, Dr. Kent Knauer, Director of the Allergy and Asthma Center at University Hospitals. 

What does he think of the My Allergy Test kit?

"I think I would say its a very brief screening test. It certainly doesn't give you all the information you need as an allergist, but it does give you some clues as a patient," said Dr. Kent Knauer.

Dr. Knauer says the test is very basic, only looking at 10 possible allergens.

"So it's certainly not a thorough test. But it's kind of a highlight kind of a test. So if you want to know of your allergic to dog it's not going to work because it's not on there," added Dr. Kent Knauer.

So if you've never been to an allergist, and you always seem to suffer from sneezing and sniffling in spring -- for $50 you might just find out why.

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