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Editorial: Basheer Jones

I'm Cleveland writer, poet and public speaker Basheer Jones.

Today we can make a choice to change the world by taking responsibility to save one life. 

You may ask how can one saved life change the world.

But what if that one life was your son or your daughter?  Would their lives being saved mean the world to you?

Aren't you tired of the killing?  The summer should be a season of smiling not a season of fear.  If each and every one of us makes a commitment to save one life besides our own, we can bring a hault to this senseless violence. 

The key to ending the darkness is bringing light.  So we must provide more family services, more jobs, true justice for the voiceless, and emotional support to a generation that is in need of love. 

So, I'm asking that every person that can hear my voice be courageous enough to take responsibility of saving a life today. Maybe you won't change the world but maybe the life that you save will. 

Thank you


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