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Tony's Take on Johnny's Wild Weekend

Cleveland (WOIO) - Mike Pettine was actually asked a football question on Wednesday, just to get his interview started. Actually, it was a question concerning Karlos Dansby, who was missing from the OTA's because of a minor injury. And then, the next seven questions were about Johnny, and Vegas.

Pettine knew the questions were coming. He told Manziel to be ready. And the Browns head coach has to know the questions won't stop here. There will always be another weekend in Vegas, or Main Event, or TMZ report, as long as Johnny's a Brown. But the way Pettine handles these post-practice interviews will go a long way towards making sure Manziel's wild ways don't remain the story.

According to both Pettine and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, Manziel works hard, keeps quiet, remains humble, comes early, and stays late. When asked what he told Manziel before Johnny headed to Sin City, Pettine said 'have fun'. And the head coach made it clear, he's not going to micro-manage his players.

As for Manziel's take, he isn't about to apologize for anything, nor should he. He's a 21-year old NFL quarterback on the field, a rock star off it. And if his career makes the same impact as his football colleague/pool party sidekick, Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski (a two-time Pro Bowler), has made, well, nobody in Browns Nation will be complaining.

In the meantime, Johnny will continue to be a big part of the national conversation, on the field and off. Off the field, he's already delivering. On the field, well, let me get back to you in about four months.

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