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Tax season is over, but tax scams continue

COLUMBUS, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is warning Ohioans of tax scams, even though tax season has ended. 

Since April 15 (the 2014 tax-filing deadline), the Ohio Attorney General's Office has received more than 50 reports of tax-related scams from consumers statewide. Most consumers do not report losing money, but a few consumers have reported losing $700 to $28,000 to the ploy. 

"Tax season is over, but tax scams are continuing," said DeWine. "Con artists pretend to be the IRS and tell consumers there is a problem with their taxes. They make threats and demand immediate payment. A legitimate government agency will not do this." 

In a typical variation of the scam, a con artist calls a consumer claiming to represent the IRS. The caller says the consumer owes money for back taxes or is under investigation for tax fraud. Then the caller asks the consumer to send money using a prepaid card to correct the issue. Once the money is sent, it is nearly impossible to recover.

The phone number that appears on the consumer's caller ID may have a 202 (Washington, D.C.) area code, but the number likely is "spoofed," or made up, and the caller likely is located outside the country.

To guard against the scams, be wary of callers who say:

  • You owe back taxes.
  • You're being investigated for tax fraud.
  • The government is going to seize your money or property.
  • You will be arrested if you don't pay.
  • You must provide information about your tax return.

To report a potential scam or unfair business practice, consumers should contact the Ohio Attorney General's Office at 800-282-0515 or go online

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