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RNC site selection delegates make their way to Cleveland

Rolling out the red carpet for the RNC! The site selection committee was in town to see if Cleveland has what it takes to host the RNC's biggest party.

"When it comes to the meeting and convention world, this is the super bowl," said Scott Peacock, with Positively Cleveland

Peacock says the committee will get a good taste of what our city has to offer during their two and a half day visit.
"The opportunity to look at more hotels. To look at some of our great arts and cultural institutions that can provide special event options and venues for the group and really get a feel for the city overall as a destination, not just can they hold technical and physically what they need," said Peacock.

Cleveland is one of four cities still in the running that includes Kansas City, Denver, and Dallas. 
If we get the gig we could see more than 50,000 visitors.

"This is our once in a lifetime shot to have over 15,000 international media in your town for a week at a time," Peacock said. 

The economic impact alone could be nearly $300 million. 

With nine new hotels between downtown and University Circle, along with the new convention center, restaurants and more-who wouldn't want to host the political event right here in our own backyard? The hope is the committee votes our way.
"Cleveland has a story. The city has gone through a rebirth and here we are," Peacock said. 
There are 13 RNC voting members. We should know by the fall if we got the bid. The group's next visit is Kansas City.    

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