DDIW: EZ Chill

DDIW: EZ Chill

(WOIO) - When you press that A/C button in your car, you want to feel a cool breeze. If that doesn't happen, you may get hot under the collar from a mechanic's bill. Or you could grab what looks like A/C in a can.

EZ Chill is an advanced leak sealer that replaces lost refrigerant and promises if you use it every few years, you'll never have a serious leak or problem. But does it work?

Mechanic Eddie Clevland agreed to see whether or not this do-it-yourself fix was just full of hot air. He said the directions were easy enough to follow.

"If it's in the red, you want it to show up in the green for good," he explained.

Then he tried hooking it up. Once it was hooked in, it worked just like a tire pressure gauge.

It seemed easy for a mechanic, but what about the average person?

"I give it a thumbs up for temporary use," said Clevland.

But he had one problem with it:

"It's not telling you why you lost your refrigerant to start with. It's not telling you if there is a problem," Clevland said.

He warns against buying more cans in hopes of permanently fixing any major issues because he says it will cause more problems.

"You're putting more and more and more to stop leaking, which will make the components inside your A/C go bad," he said.

But if you're noticing only a minor change in your A/C, it seems the EZ Chill is one cool product.

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