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Anti-Aging Clinic now open in Beachwood

Affinity Whole Health in Beachwood Affinity Whole Health in Beachwood


Affinity Whole Health is an age management clinic offering patients antidotes to aging. 
They specialize in natural hormone replacement therapy to help manage symptoms of aging, like low energy levels, and libidos, sleep and focus issues, and loss of muscle and increased fat. And they claim a 100% success rate.

Forty-seven year old Tami Kowit didn't like the way she was feeling.
"I was a little bit…a lot…overweight and I wanted to start feeling better.  And I was having some anxiety issues," said Kowit.

She suspected her symptoms were all hormone related.  So she did some research and hoped that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy was the way to get her vitality back.
The folks at Affinity Whole Health ran an extensive blood panel, then consulted with their in-house doctor.
They put her on a regiment of vitamin cocktails and hormone therapy.

Co-owner, Jerry Sloan, says their products and customized plans boost energy, build muscle and help lose fat.  And he says it's working with all of their patients.
"It can be lower total cholesterol levels, increased testosterone levels.  We've had patients lose 50 pounds.  We've had people lose 20 percent body fat," said Sloan.

Tami says she's thinner, more energetic and feeling better.
"I am anxiety free.  I fall asleep and stay asleep most nights now," she said.

Sloan says the effects of their products are magnified when patients also commit to diet and exercise changes.


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