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Fans bring the whole family to Bonnaroo


When you think of Bonnaroo, you probably think of young crowds decked in bandanas, painted faces and tie-dye tank tops. A lot of music fans said in a crowd this varied, you'll even see a few attendees finger painting and playing in the sandbox.

"Out of all the festivals, this is the most family-oriented festival, and it feels the safest," said one mom at Bonnaroo on Friday.

For many in the sea of people, Bonnaroo's all about music pulsing, hands in the air, mouthing along, light shows, dancing like no one's watching, washing off and going to do it all again.

For mom Morgan Thocher and daughter, Sloane, taking part in the fine art of finger painting is more their speed.  

"She's 3-years-old, and this is her third Bonnaroo," said Thocher. "When we came, they had the kids' tent with all this stuff for them to do, and it made us feel a little bit better."

"Bonnaroo encourages positivity and togetherness," said another mom, bringing her daughter to Bonnaroo for the first time. "We're all musicians and artists. It's already what she's used to, she's just at home here."

Thocher said she likes her daughter being in the middle of so much culture and art.

"I want her to grow up with more musical influences and have music a part of her life," said Thocher.

Thocher said her hope is that she and her little girl will always have a special bond through Bonnaroo.

"I hope so. So when she gets older, she can enjoy the music with us too," she said.

For now, Thocher said paint tubes and brushes will suit them just fine.

"Bonnaroo's just like raising a kid," she said. "It's messy. It's dirty. It's sweaty. But it's so much fun."

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