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Rash of car break-ins during parties in Wayne County

Persic's damaged car Persic's damaged car

Police in Wayne County have a warning; Someone is targeting parties and stealing valuables from parked cars.

Mary Faith Persic showed 19 Action News reporter Lydia Esparra her minivan. On the driver's side, there is no glass on her window.

She still can't believe her van was broken into as she left a graduation party last Saturday.

"And when we got up to it there was glass all on the outside of the car," Persic said. "And when I looked inside I knew immediately my purse was gone.  "

Inside that purse was her credit cards, driver's license and passport.

She was at a picnic area on Canaan Center Road. It's an isolated area in the country and difficult to get there, so police believe it has to be someone who knows the area and someone who lives nearby.

"The suspect in this case is targeting those types of locations but perhaps driving around looking for a large gathering of cars pulling in fitting in with the crowd breaking the windows than moving on," said Captain Douglas Hunter with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

The suspect drives a blue minivan with a tan area on the lower quarter.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department says they have one case here and nearly a dozen in Holmes. In Persic's' case, the thief cleaned out one of her accounts in less hour.

In what is called God's country, the cows roam free, but there is a devil among them breaking into cars. Mary Faith says she is holding on hope he will be caught.

"You're at a graduation party, are you thinking did I invite these people?" Persic said. "Are they the crazy relatives or are they some kid from your school you invite to your party that is doing this?"

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