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Police investigate washer, dryer repair scam


Clarksville homeowners claim they've been taken to the cleaners over a washer and dryer repair scheme. Now police are looking for a man who offered to sell and repair appliances.

"You have no idea how frustrating it is for us," said Amanda McClain of Clarksville. "We have a family of seven, so we definitely need a washer on a daily basis."

Her rugs still drying outside, McClain said a scam by Kenneth Bailey is costing her family hundreds.

"This man is very good at talking, very good at convincing," said McClain. "He's very good at wording so people think that what he wants to offer is true, and it's not."

McClain said she hired Bailey off Craigslist to take her washer, but he instead offered to fix the machine. After she paid Bailey, she said he left her a loaner machine which overflowed on the first wash. 

"We came back downstairs to our entire bottom floor flooded in about three or four inches of water," said McClain.

Shortly afterwards, McClain said Bailey just stopped taking her calls, her money taken. Nothing was done about the damages, and the washer that was supposed to be fixed was gone.

"As a social worker, it's a great concern for me that a lot of the families I work with could be scammed by someone just like him," said McClain.

Just last month, a different customer claimed Bailey sold him a broken dryer. Police said when Bailey picked up the machine to fix it, he stopped answering calls and disappeared with the money.

A warrant now out for his arrest, Bailey did not answer repeated calls to his phones Thursday. Neighbors said they haven't seen him at his Verkler Drive home recently, but last week the yard was covered in appliances.

"For anyone who believes something is too good to be true, it probably is," said McClain.

As for McClain, she said she's balancing her job, her family, and damages with a new goal; get the word out about Bailey.

"Losing a little bit of money will be worth it to have his face and his name out there so he's not able to scam anyone else," said McClain.

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