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Store clerk fights off potential robbers


Surveillance video captured the drama as a Mid-Michigan store clerk was robbed at gunpoint, but the clerk didn't give up without a fight.

The attempted robbery started at a Saginaw party store and ended with two men in handcuffs.

"I stopped in the doorway and then he told me that I missed all the action," said Jim Foerster, a co-worker.

The action was a robbery caught on tape and the actions of the clerk who refused to become a victim.

In the video two men wearing hoodies burst into Bill's Party Store on Mackinaw Street in Saginaw. One of the men appeared to have the gun pointed at the back of the clerk's head.

TV5 stopped by the party store on Friday, but the clerk who was robbed couldn't be reached.

"I think he saw an opening and decided to act," Foerster said. "I'm not a fighter by any means, but it scares you and I think what it does is your adrenaline flows and you want to protect yourself. That's all it becomes."

In the video the store clerk turns around and challenges the man holding the gun to his head.

The incident happened about 7 a.m. on Thursday.

The store clerk managed to fight both men off and even tried to chase down the robbers when they fled from the store.

Officers were able to catch the two suspects. They have been taken into custody and are behind bars at this time.

If you have any information, you are urged to contact the Saginaw Police Department.

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