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Construction project causes headaches for drivers on Providence Rd


A major construction project that has part of Providence Road completely shut down caused headaches for drivers during Friday's rush hour.

The one-and-a-half-mile stretch of Providence Road is closed between the Rea/Alexander intersection and Old Providence Road. Crews are replacing a sewer pipe. And the North Carolina

Department of Transportation says this is affecting 35,000 drivers per day.

People say the area is always a headache with traffic and now it's like a migraine. The detour on Old Providence Road had cars lined up to get through the intersection that was less than a half a mile down the road.

Drivers who ignored the road closed sign at the intersection of Old Providence and
Providence Road had to make a u-turn if they continued on Providence Road. It's shut down for sewer pipe construction.

"And you are stuck. The traffic is just unbelievable," said Christine Falerman.

Falerman lives off Old Providence Road, the detour.

"Do not go down Old Providence Road," was Falerman's advice.

She said the intersection of Old Providence Road and Rea Road only has a stop sign.

"That's a nightmare anyway on it's own," said Falerman.

Officers did what they could Friday to keep the cars moving. Officers said they will direct traffic at Rea Road and Old Providence Road until 7 p.m. Friday.

"It's a good extra 20 minutes. It's adding to everybody's time to get in and out so we're being inundated by a lot of extra traffic," said Falerman.

Gary Klutts lives on Old Providence Road. On his John Deere, he doesn't have any traffic to worry about, but he sees it.

"I've seen some more traffic coming down the road. It's been backed up as far as that mailbox up to Old Providence and Rea Road," said Klutt.

He doesn't think it's that bad. And Klutts added the back up should be less noticeable after the weekend when at least one lane on Providence Road will be opened in each direction.

"The city was nice enough to send out a letter and alert everybody that the road was going to be closed down," said Klutt of Providence Road.

The city says the contractor will work around the clock this weekend and will try to minimize after hour noises as much as possible.

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