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Burke County home split by tree, people inside escape


Daniel Brown says he and his four-year-old daughter Danielle were inside their living room around 7 p.m. when a storm blew through.

"She was just playing and I was watching the news," said Daniel.

All of a sudden, he says, the trailer on Amherst Road shook violently as a giant oak tree trunk split the home in half.

"I never experience anything like this," he said. 

The two were trapped briefly but, with the help of a neighbor, were able to escape out the back door and are okay. "We were lucky," said Daniel.

That was the worst damage in the storm that was in and out of the Morganton area in just minutes. Trees were down in many areas, power lines too. Seitz Road near Drexel was blocked by a fallen tree and there were several reports of trees leaning on power lines and catching fire.

It's the second day in a row Burke County was hit hard by afternoon thunderstorms. Angela Moses says it makes her worried about what may happen next.

"It's kinda scary," she said.

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