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Georgia gun law allows guns in bars with concealed carry permits


 After the release of Georgia House Bill 60 on July 1, Georgia bar owners must make a decision about whether or not they will allow guns inside their places of business.

Georgia's House Bill 60 allows people with concealed carry permits to bring a gun into an establishment that serves alcohol, unless the owner expressly forbids it. Bars that want to continue keeping weapons out have to let their customers know, usually by putting a sign near the front door.

David Carson, Soho bar owner says, "In order to be in compliance, I posted a handmade sign.  It's the best I could do for today.  Number one, we don't want weapons in the bar anyway, and it's never even been an issue.  I've owned this place for twelve years now in July.  We ask them to leave or check the weapon, put in the car or lock it up and do something safe with it." 

"Alcohol and weapons do not mix one bit.  Somebody is going to do something really stupid and we want to prevent that right off.  There is a place for things like that, and a bar or church, or anything like that is not it." says Frankie Larson, Spicoli's Bar Manager.

Not every bar is completely against the changes.  The manager at sports page on Veterans Parkway says they're still developing their permanent policy, but for the time being, they're going to pick and choose, which is allowed under the law.

Anthony Williams, Sports Page bar manager says, "My feeling is that as long as they've got permits like they're supposed to have to carry a weapon, then I don't necessarily see a problem with that.  But if someone were drinking a lot, that might be a different situation."

One customer, Devan Fleming, says she supports the right to carry guns, but she doesn't think they mix with alcohol. "I feel like some people make bad mistakes and bad choices when it comes to using things under the influence, whether it's walking -using a curb badly- or using their car, so I don't agree with it." says Fleming.

Another customer said he thinks the law should only protect someone who is acting as a designated driver who is not planning on drinking and wants to carry a gun in the bar.

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