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Thieves caught on camera at Neapolis Carry Out

NEAPOLIS, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Two bold thieves broke into the Neapolis Carry Out early Thursday morning.

They thought they got away with the crime, but it was all captured on a surveillance camera.

The two suspects were caught on video disabling an outdoor camera. Then they went to the front door of the store, broke it open and entered – all while an inside camera is rolling.

One of the suspects went behind the counter, pulled out a blanket and dumped 80 cartons of cigarettes onto it.

His identity, though, was concealed.

"It made us angry," said store owner Hannah Brooks. "It scares a lot of folks here in the community. They're wondering who's going to be next."

The first suspect left with the cigarettes while his partner continued loading up on smokes.

"There's speculation with the sheriff's department that they probably are local," Brooks said. "And that they probably have been in the store and we just don't recognize them."

And they may have been to the store before. Surveillance video from March shows two men snooping around the carry out. Police believe both incidents involved the same men.

In March, however, the men never attempted to break-in.

"We would like to have them caught. It would give a sense of rest to the community and a little more balance of safety," said Brooks.

If you recognize the suspects or have any information about the crime, contact the Lucas County Sheriff's Office at 419-213-4917.

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