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NBA, fans await LeBron's decision

LeBron James to meet with the Heat organization. (Source: CBS Sports) LeBron James to meet with the Heat organization. (Source: CBS Sports)
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Obviously LeBron James did not make his decision Wednesday evening - but sources are confident it will come sometime today.

Decision #2 is expected to be announced through social media, including his website. Free agents can start signing contracts today as well. 

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James spent part of Wednesday evening meeting with the Heat organization. The meeting took place in Vegas and included Pat Riley, LeBron, his agent Rich Paul and Heat assistant general manager Andy Elisburg.

So where do the Cavs fit into this?

Wednesday the Cavaliers traded guard Jarrett Jack and his $6.3 million-per-year contract to the Nets as part of a three-team deal with Boston to create more salary-cap space for the pursuit of LeBron James.

The Cavs also sent Tyler Zeller to Boston and Sergey Karasev to Brooklyn, in addition to getting a second-round from the Celtics.

Meantime, LeBron's wife Savannah, his agent, and best friends, Maverick Carter and Randy Mims, reportedly want him to come back to Cleveland.

In other NBA news, Carmelo Anthony was supposed to make his decision on where he'll play next season last weekend, but according to the New York Post, Carmelo is possibly waiting to see what Lebron does.

Knicks president Phil Jackson has offered Anthony the max -- $129 million for five years.   

Even though Anthony wants James in New York, multiple reports state Lebron is deciding between Miami and Cleveland.  

One new perk for James to consider, Cedar Point announced Wednesday afternoon they will rename one of their coasters "King James" if he returns!

The park sent Lebron the following tweet: "Hey @KingJames - come back to the @cavs and we'll rename one of our coasters, "King James!" Ball in your court, sir. RT, #Ohio!"

Tweet from Chef Micheal Symon: if @KingJames comes back he can design a custom burger @BSpotBurgers #lebronburger & ill do a dinner for his charity of choice!..cmon lbj

Tweet from recording artist and Cavs minority owner Usher: @KingJames ...this moment is bigger than all of us. #BiggerThan #Legacy #ItsTime #Cavs #Cleveland

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