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Flagstaff community sandbags after major flooding


When Jane James looked out her back window at Flagstaff's Mount Elden on Tuesday evening she could see an ominous storm cloud. She lives in an east Flagstaff community near the intersection of North Fanning and East Elder drives.

"I thought it was gonna go around us," Jane said.

Judging by the cell phone video she shot, the flood waters did anything but. Water rushed down the small mountain and into her home. She says she tried to stop it.

"It started pouring and I saw more water coming," Jane said. "Then, it started seeping through my door."

The water was able to make it into her home's  bedroom and kitchen. Her family spent much of Wednesday preparing for a round two.

The force of the water coming at Jane's house was so strong it took out a wide swath of a chain link fence in her backyard. Her video captured the fence moments before it fell victim to the flood.

"So when that fence came down all the water came this way and it came all the way down here," said Eunice LeBlanc.

While she lives in the same community, LeBlanc lives several streets and blocks away from James.

"Right there, you can see the water level line," LeBlanc said as she showed CBS 5 News the effect of flood waters making it into her home. "That must be a good six inches."

Her doors and walls were no match for the fierce flood. Clothes, shoes, and furniture inside, "washed away," LeBlanc said. "We lost our mattresses, chairs and some blankets."

Officials with the Grand Canyon chapter of the American Red Cross say the Home Depot on Flagstaff's east side "Paying it Forward" following Tuesday night's flooding. They donated cleaning supplies to the flood victims in Eunice LeBlanc and Jane James' community.

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