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Avon Lake woman arrested for killing husband nearly 3 years ago

Chief Duane Streator of Avon Lake PD (Source: WOIO) Chief Duane Streator of Avon Lake PD (Source: WOIO)
Jeane L. Harrington (Source: Avon Lake Police) Jeane L. Harrington (Source: Avon Lake Police)

Nearly three years after the crime, police have arrested a woman for the murder of her husband.

Avon Lake Police held a news conference Friday to release details on the murder investigation involving Jeane L. Harrington. She is accused of killing Michael C. Gabel.

Harrington was taken into police custody on Thursday.

According to Avon Lake Police, Gabel died on August 16, 2011 inside the family's home located at 33400 Karen Drive.

Harrington became a murder suspect after the department conducted a full scale investigation.

Chief Duane Streator says the couple's son, who was 11 at the time, was home during the deadly incident.

Police say Harrington used a stun gun to incapacitate Gabel by zapping him more than 20 times before wrapping his head with plastic wrap, eventually suffocating him. Authorities say the attack came after a fight.

Avon Police have disclosed that Harrington said she simply found her husband dead in the morning and called 911. She also claimed he left a brief note.

The Lorain County Coroner's Office reported that Gabel died of asphyxiation.

The investigation has revealed that the couple had money trouble, their home was in foreclosure, and officers had to be dispatched to the family's home on several occasions for domestic disputes.

But police didn't buy her suggestion of suicide, or that he was distraught over money troubles that the couple argued over often.

"Her story did not provide information that the evidence of a suicide actually happened. We believe that his death was the result of her actions," said the chief during the news conference.

Harrington was a suspect in Gabel's death from day one and detectives say she remained the focus as they worked to build a solid case.

Authorities have not confirmed whether or not she collected any life insurance after her husband's death.

Harrington's son was placed in her attorney's custody after her arrest.

She is expected to be arraigned next week once she retains a criminal defense attorney.

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