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Fan Frenzy: Cavs fans welcome home LeBron James

Shyla pulls her LeBron jersey from the dumpster. (Source: Keith Plezia) Shyla pulls her LeBron jersey from the dumpster. (Source: Keith Plezia)
Many fans have forgiven LeBron and welcome him home. (Source: WOIO) Many fans have forgiven LeBron and welcome him home. (Source: WOIO)
Forgiveness shirts are flying off the shelves in local stores. (Source: WOIO) Forgiveness shirts are flying off the shelves in local stores. (Source: WOIO)
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Things are happening in Cleveland and everyone is believing!

With LeBron James announcing his return to the city, fans all over have something to say.

19 Action News was at The Q just moments after the announcement was made. People were clapping, cheering, beeping car horns. It's good to be a Clevelander this week!

Immediately, crowds started to gather around The Q. Several groups left their downtown offices to hurry and scoop up season tickets. Those who didn't burn their LeBron jerseys and T-shirts four years ago dug them out of the closet.

Another man brought the sign he created days ago because he believed this was going to happen.

"I got the sign, and as soon as the news came through, I kicked my client out of my office, got on my bike, and rode down the street," said a Cavs fan.

"I want to celebrate one of the greatest days in Cleveland sports history: The return of LeBron James. It's awesome. Forgiveness is great," said one Cavs fan.

"As soon as I stepped outside, everybody was bragging about him coming home, horns beeping, everybody's smiling. It's like Christmas," said another die hard fan.

James' old high school, St. Vincent-St. Mary in Akron is anything but old thanks to the Akron-born NBA star.

Students on campus never forget what LeBron has gifted to his favorite student body. 

"I was pretty excited. He has done so much for Akron, Cleveland and the school. So it's pretty exciting," said Mary Beth Thomas, a senior at SVSM.

LeBron pumped in $1 million to upgrade the gym. He also brought in all new Nike sports uniforms.

His Wheels for Education program and the LeBron James Family Foundation are changing lives in the classroom. 

"He cares about where he is from and he lets that be known. He does a lot for his school, so it would be good for his kids to come here, too," said SVSM senior Leah Rauscher.

These kids are used to seeing LeBron on campus and realize he's a major role model.

"He has never forgotten about Akron, even though he lives in Miami. I see him here all the time," said SVSM senior Julia Bowen.

One SVSM student says the only thing that would top this would be Justin Bieber substituting as their music teacher for a day.

News of LeBron's second decision spread like wildfire through Lakewood Park. 

"I actually got a text, and there was a DJ with an elderly picnic that was taking place, plus there was three day camps, so I told the DJ, and he made an announcement and everyone cheered. It was pretty exciting," said Marc Holliday, of Lakewood.

The youngest of fans held up a Cavaliers towel and cheered.

"I'm proud that the king has returned," said one young LeBron fan named Gavin.

Even the ice cream delivery guy had a smile on his face and excitement in his voice over LeBron's homecoming.

"Awesome news! So excited! Welcome home LeBron! It's great to be back! So excited!" said Kevin O'Barsky, of Parma.

A few bitter feelings remain, however.

"He was a traitor. So, coming back now is kind of hypocritical," said Michael Brown, of Cleveland. "It kind of sucks."

But for the most part, LeBron is king here again.

"You heard a lot of negativity from people when they interviewed him, but I really think everyone is going to welcome him back and be so proud and happy that he's back to represent our team," said Christina Lahoud, of Westlake, with a grin.

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