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Prosecutor asks for union attorney to be removed from deadly police chase case

A second pre-trial was held today for the six Cleveland Police officers charged in the deadly chase and shooting from 2012. 

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors asked for the Judge to remove the lead police union attorney, citing that he has a conflict representing the officers facing charges and potential witnesses. 

So far, defense lawyers have filed over a dozen motions, including moving the trial and having the charges dismissed. 

Officer Michael Brelo is charged with two counts of felony voluntary manslaughter, he fired 49 of the 137 shots fired. 

The other five are supervisors charged with two counts of misdemeanor dereliction of duty charges each. 

The 28-minute chase happened in November of 2012. It ended with the officers firing 137 shots into the suspect's car, killing Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. 

A trial date has not yet been set, but it could happen in September or even later. 

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