Former Brown Teaming Up With Bail Bondsmen To Push For Safer Streets

Former Brown Teaming Up With Bail Bondsmen To Push For Safer Streets

Four men have just been indicted for the recent murder of Cleveland Heights businessman Jim Brennan, and now a former Cleveland Browns great has become involved in a campaign to take back the streets.

Former Brown Hanford Dixon is taking part in a new push to put pressure on judges to do more to keep tabs on prisoners when they're let out of jail.

In the Brennan case, police found two suspects had been wanted for other crimes. They'd gotten out of jail posting just ten percent of their bonds. We've found no one had been looking for them.

Now, Dixon will act as a spokesman for the Cuyahoga County Bail Bonds Association.

"Hopefully, we can do something to help prevent another tragedy," Dixon said.

"You can't trade justice for money," said Jeff Walling of ABC Bail Bonds.

Walling wants judges to make more inmates go through a bondsman to get out of jail. If they don't show up for court, the bonding company goes looking for them. If the suspects post cash, and they don't show up, someone in law enforcement may or may not look for them.

Cuyahoga County has approximately 12,000 felony warrants and a just a handful of investigators looking.

At least one supporter of more use of bondsmen is Cuyahoga County Judge Nancy Russo.

We've sent questions to Cleveland Municipal Court about bonds and policies. Soon judges will hear a new pitch from bonding companies, and a football great.

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