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Video shows crowd take over street in Warehouse District

Cell phone video shows crowds in the area before the shooting. (Source: Witness) Cell phone video shows crowds in the area before the shooting. (Source: Witness)

19 Action News has obtained cell phone video showing mobs of people on a Warehouse District street just before someone pulled a gun and started shooting.

An 18-year-old woman was hit in the ankle.

It happened on West 9th Street Friday night after the bars closed. The party crowd spilled into the street, leaving no room to drive or even walk. People were celebrating the return of LeBron James to the Cavs.

Investigators believe someone fired a gun and shot about 15 rounds, either at someone or into the ground. Police had to call officers from other parts of the city to help restore order.

Cleveland police do have a suspect. After checking his background, we've learned he's a convict who recently got off parole after doing years in prison for shooting and wounding someone.

A downtown chef told 19 Action News he was in the crowd.

"I was literally five people away from the gunfire. All I knew was drop down on the ground and take cover," he said.

Investigators are still gathering evidence and building a case.

But the video shows what can happen when the party spills into the street.

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