Support pouring in for mother injured in horrific highway attack

Support pouring in for mother injured in horrific highway attack
More than one fundraiser has been set up online to support the family. (Source:
More than one fundraiser has been set up online to support the family. (Source:

(WOIO) - A local community is rallying behind a mother who was critically injured after a horrific attack on the highway.

Two teenagers are in custody after throwing an 8-pound rock from an interstate overpass, hitting the woman in the face. She remains in critical condition.

Brett Lahr, 18, and Dylan Lahr, 17, both face aggravated assault, conspiracy and reckless endangerment, among other charges. Both are free on bail.

Two more teens are expected to face charges. State Police say they're waiting for the district attorney to decide whether they will be charged as juveniles or adults.

Sharon Budd, 52, is from Uniontown. Her four children and husband say she is always the life of the party and will help anyone, but now her family needs to be there for her.

"It's shocking that this could happen to one of our own, that somebody would do this," said Ryan Smith, a teacher in the Perry Local School District.

Budd was on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania heading to New York City, when police say two teenage boys threw a rock from an overpass. The rock went through the car windshield and hit Budd square in the face.

Husband, Randy, saw it unfold from the back seat. Their daughter was driving.

"I've never seen anything like that. That boulder came smashing through the window right into her face," he said.

Budd lost an eye and doctors performed emergency surgery on her brain. She is currently unconscious. Doctors are still trying to control the swelling of her brain a week later.

"These kids know right from wrong and ruined this woman's life. They've changed the course of her life forever," said Smith.

Linda Busch just back from seeing her lifelong friend in the hospital.

"Their life as they knew it will never, ever, ever be the same," said Busch. "But I have hope, because she's a fighter. I have a lot of hope."

"She's super strong. She's already survived breast cancer, that whole thing 15 years ago, and she fought through that. And she'll fight through this too," said son Lucas Budd.

The family hopes she will regain consciousness soon, especially since Lucas was supposed to leave for Afghanistan with the Ohio National Guard on Thursday. He has now been allowed to stay until July 24. When he does leave, he will be overseas for a year.

Lucas says the only thing he wants when he returns from Afghanistan is to hug his mom.

Her family, friends, coworkers and students are not giving up hope.

Her best friends, who call themselves "The Breakfast Club" started a GoFundMe website for their friend, who they love like family.

"That's what will get her through this. The love that she has for her family," said Busch.

Budd is a teacher at Edison Middle School in Massillon and they love her there. The principal is in Pennsylvania alongside Budd and her family. The school even has a link on its website that's raised thousands of dollars in just a day.

Principal Diane Kittelberger says, "when you know and love her like we do, it's no surprise."

How you can help the Budd family:

-Donate gas cards

-Donations can also be dropped off at Perry Local Schools, 4201 13th Street Southwest, Massillon, OH 44646

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