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Cleveland officials react to mayor's new gun laws

Mayor Jackson discusses gun crime in the city at a recent press conference. (Source: WOIO) Mayor Jackson discusses gun crime in the city at a recent press conference. (Source: WOIO)

On Wednesday, Mayor Frank Jackson introduced legislation to City Council that he believes will curb the gun violence in Cleveland, but not everyone is on board.

His ideas would require gun offenders just released from jail to register within five days with the Cleveland Department of Public Safety. That registry would last four years before it would be renewed. Jackson's plan also limits one's ability to buy more than one gun every 90 days.

Cleveland Public Safety Director Michael McGrath said the mayor's ideas could become a useful tool for police.

"I think at some point, it gives law enforcement another tool to look at individuals that purchase 28 handguns, 30 handguns, 15 within a three-month period," McGrath said.

Zack Reed, City Councilman for Ward 2, is among the legislation's opponents, who said Jackson's ideas are not aggressive enough. Reed said the best solution is to have more police officers in neighborhoods looking for guns.

"So what's the problem in Cleveland? They walk around with guns. Their chance at getting caught is slim to none," said Reed.

Councilman Mike Polensek with Ward 8 said he would support new laws that curb gun violence, but not if they limit legal gun owners who follow the law.

"The problem we have - and let's be blunt - The hoodlums and thugs causing these problems. They are not going to register crap."

Jackson announced his plans for new gun legislation in Cleveland last month. The ideas introduced on Wednesday are not expected to be part of the Council's public meeting, but should be referred to the Council's Public Safety Committee for debate.

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