Sabathia done for the season

Sabathia done for the season

The Yankees announced Friday that CC Sabathia will undergo arthroscopic debridement surgery on his right knee next week. This surgery will result in the end of Sabathia's season. The team is hoping that come next spring training, he will be recovered and ready to return to the mound. This is obviously tough news for Sabathia and his team but the 33 year-old pitcher is avoiding micro fracture surgery which could be career-ending. That procedure could possibly be in play if next week's surgery isn't successful though.

General Manager, Brian Cashman said, "He tried the rehab side of it, and obviously that didn't work. If he had three different options, that was the least. Now, we are on the middle side of this thing, the clean up of the knee, and hopefully that is good enough."

Sabathia has had a rough go the past two years. This season he was 3-4 with a 4.29 ERA and the season before he was 17-17 with a 4.87 ERA.

Cashman is keeping optimistic and said, "Hopefully, next year will be a different story."

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