LeBron's childhood friends host Give'N Go basketball camp

LeBron's childhood friends host Give'N Go basketball camp
Dru Joyce III and Romeo Travis of the Give'N Go Basketball Camp. (Source: YouTube)
Dru Joyce III and Romeo Travis of the Give'N Go Basketball Camp. (Source: YouTube)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Romeo Travis and Dru Joyce III are coming back home to Akron to give back, just like their buddy LeBron James.

It's Romeo and Dru's first ever Give'N Go Basketball Camp for kids. The camp, at the Elder Johnson Family Life Center in Akron, is designed to effectively teach the fundamentals of basketball. Laying the foundation for becoming a good player, through what the staff refers to as basketball's Five Pillars: ball handling, passing, footwork, shooting and Give'N Go team building.

Dru Joyce III asks, "Romeo, what inspired you to work with the youth?"

Romeo Travis responded, "I am inspired and motivated to work with the youth because when I was a youth, people were inspired to work with me."

Both Dru and Romeo are in contract talks for next season to continue their successful basketball careers over seas.

Romeo Travis asks, "What do you want the kids to leave with?"

Dru Joyce III says, "I want them to leave with a better feeling about the game of basketball."

Both starred at Saint Vincent and Saint Mary High School, alongside their good friend, LeBron.

They don't have to come back to Akron, but like LeBron, it's in their blood.

"They have been putting us through shooting drills, when you have to work with your partners to get all the points," said camper Saylor Bachman.

It's a huge deal to these kids that they can call two of LeBron's best friends "coach."

"It's a big deal. They go around the world to teach others. We are the lucky ones that get to be in this camp," said camper Deshan Dobson.

Even Romeo and Dru are talking LeBron at their camp. Both are debating what number their best friend is going to wear next season.

Dru took a poll: "Should he wear 23 or 6?"

Romeo and Dru both say 32, which is the number LeBron wore while playing basketball at Saint Vincent-Saint Mary's High School in Akron.

The four-day camp wraps up Friday at noon.

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