Dominic Mancuso's Editorial: Chief Wahoo Lawsuit

Tell us what you think at (Source: WOIO)
Tell us what you think at (Source: WOIO)

Cleveland Indians fans may argue balls and strikes, but a proposed lawsuit against the team should be called out. Local Native American activist Robert Roche has announced he may be suing the team for $9 billion over Chief Wahoo. Yes, you heard that right, $9 billion, over a cartoon logo!   Really?

The lawsuit supposedly has politically correct intentions, but a closer look reveals more. Roche heads the American Indian Education Center in Parma, which, since 2008, has received more than $1.4 million in government grants. Some members of the local Native American community question how Roche has used those funds. According to a article, records show that in 2008 alone, Roche wrote checks to himself for $153,000 to cover his own salary. Well, Mr. Roche appears to have built quite a profitable business being offended and now even the State Attorney General's Office is looking into exactly what he's doing with all that money.

Hopefully, this frivolous lawsuit over a cartoon baseball mascot "strikes out" before it ties up too much court time, for which the taxpayers pick up the tab. We can think of many more important uses of taxpayer dollars than indulging Mr. Roche's publicity grabs. Let the games be played on the diamond and not in a courtroom for a lawsuit that should offend anyone with common sense.

I'm Dominic Mancuso and that's how we see it.

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