New theories leading up to Cory Barron's death

New theories leading up to Cory Barron's death

19 Action News has uncovered new details in the death of Cory Barron.

Police are trying to figure out if Barron fell to his death, or if he was pushed.

Last week, Barron went to a concert at Progressive Field. Police think he fell several stories down a garbage chute into a dumpster. His body was found at a Lorain County landfill a few days later.

Sources told Reporter Ed Gallek that Barron left his seat to visit a girl he knew in another section. Then he apparently had an argument with another man or group of men, but it's not clear yet if that was anything serious.

Barron has been drinking, however sources said a person would have to crawl into that chute in order to get inside.

It may take weeks to get a cause of death. Funeral arrangements have been set for Monday morning.

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