Browns Saturday: Brian Hoyer transcript

Browns Saturday: Brian Hoyer transcript

On the first day of training camp:

"It's a good building block for our foundation. Now, you've got to go back and review the film and make corrections on mistakes and keep learning and move on."

On how important it is to make good plays during a quarterback competition:

"You just play within yourself and take what the defense gives you. I mean, that should be your philosophy whether you're in competition or not. I'm not out there trying to make spectacular plays, magical plays because that's not what you do in a game. I try and treat every practice like it's a game. Going against our defense, you never know what you're going to get, and you just try to wait it out and take what they give you because they do have a great scheme and they disguise a lot. It actually makes it easier for me not to try to press because I just try to go through my progressions. If there's something there, I try to take it; if not, then move on."

On confidence in the receiving corps:

"If you look how that room or group has changed in a year, it's a complete 180. You have a bunch of news guys, a lot of veteran guys and they all know how to go about their jobs and do things the right way. It was good to get out there and throw to (WRs) Miles Austin and to Nate Burleson and Anthony Armstrong and (Andrew) Hawkins and Josh (Gordon). Some of those young guys have turned some heads, too. I made a few plays and threw the ball to those guys throughout the spring and even until now. It's a good group. We talk about competition, and the competition between that group is really going to bring the cream to the top."

On what he's observed from WR Charles Johnson:

"From me getting to work with him in the offseason – obviously, we were here rehabbing the whole time and then when he was cleared to throw we would throw together – he's a hard worker, and like you mentioned has size, speed for a big guy, I think he gets in and out of routes really well. I didn't get a chance to go with him today, but the other day, I ran a route with him where he had a double move, and for a big guy, for him to get in and out of the break was impressive. I think for him a lot of people are waiting to see what he's capable of because he was on the practice squad with a torn ACL. Who knows if he was healthy, if he had made the team, like I said about those other guys, he's the same way. He's very smart, he works really hard and as a quarterback, that's all that you can ask for is a guy who's out there trying to learn and trying to go hard."

On if the knee brace impedes his movement:

"At this point, I don't even think about it. It's something that I've become used to. For me, it'll be something that I wear the whole year, not just for the stability of the knee getting hit from the side but I think that it's something that I can benefit from. For me, I'm not the most mobile guy anyway so it doesn't really affect me that much."

On how different this year's training camp is compared to last year's:

"For me, I can kind of be myself a little more. When you're not a guy who's the starter or in the position to be the starter, you don't want to step on too many toes and vocalize things and be a leader as much and I think now, in the position I'm in, I'm not afraid to go up and tell guys, 'Hey, let try and do this.' Last year's situation, I was really the third or second quarterback, and you kind of leave that up to the starter because you don't want to throw someone off because you had a conversation with a receiver and the starter didn't get it, whereas now, I'm in the position to be the starting quarterback. I feel that I'm more free to go around and talk to the receivers, talk to the tight ends getting in there with the line and cadences. It's the little things when you are in there with that first group and you kind of speak your mind a little more freely."

On feeling the support from fans when he came to practice:

"No doubt. Like I've said all along, playing for this team was my dream as a child, but also being from here doesn't make me the best quarterback for this team. I want to earn it out on the field, and it's great to have the support of fans. I saw someone that I played youth baseball with over there. It's really cool for me, but like I said, it's really about focusing on what's going out on the field each and every play."

On if he expects to be the Week 1 starter:

"The opportunity is there for me. That's my goal, and that's so far in advance that I can't even think about it. I'm thinking about our install for tomorrow that we're putting in tonight. I believe that I'm capable of being the starter at quarterback for this team, and that's what I'm working towards every day."

On working on 11-on-11 and in full formations during today's practice:

"It's a little bit of a different motion, but I don't think that it's something that I'm trying to catch up on. It's kind of like riding a bike. The footwork is a little bit different, that's all, as opposed to being in the pistol. I felt that I got to my tracks on the run game really well and the play-action passes. Even in the spring doing seven-on-seven, I did everything all from under center so it's not something that I'm concerned about."

On being complimented as a class act and respected as a possible franchise quarterback:

"When it comes down to it, all that matters is what happens on the field. No one is going to cheer for a good guy if they're 4-12. It's good to know that people respect me and my character, but for me, when it comes down to it, it's all about what happens out on the field."

On trusting his knee during simulated pass rushes by the defense:

"I think the reason is because of the way that my knee was injured running. It wasn't somewhere where a lot of other quarterbacks were stepping up throwing it and they got hit from that angle. For me, actually, it's not even in my mind. It's kind of a natural feel where I need to step up, move, whatever. I've  done so many drills like that working to get back and strengthening this leg in kind of a way that the functional movements that I would be doing out on the field. Whether it's dropping back with resistance or dropping back and working on movements and things like that, I've been doing that for a long time. Now, it's just navigating around the rush and feeling it. Even that, the first time that you get back out there and there's a real rush coming at you, you have to get used to it. No matter how many times you've done it, it's still kind of the nuances of not seeing the rush, but feeling it. There were a few plays out there where I had to step up and it's kind of a natural reaction."

On getting advice from New England Patriots QB Tom Brady:

"We've talked. I like to keep those conversations between him and me, but he's been a great friend, supporter. There's not much I needed to ask him because I witnessed it on a day-to-day basis for four years, but we've talked a few times and he's been supportive. He just told me to take full advantage of the opportunity. That's what he's always told me. It's great to have a guy like that to kind of rely on if I ever feel like I need to reach out to him."

On possibly being underrated outside of Cleveland:

"I don't know. I don't follow it that much. They'd have every right to because I've only played three games and then the injury happened. That's something I'm not concerned with because, like I said, what matters is what happens out on the field and I'll get that opportunity and I'll look forward to it."